Tax and Compliance Services

New Business Startups:
We make them easy by guiding you through each step of the process. We have handled this process for many of our existing clients. Do-it-yourselfers can download many of the common forms from the IRS and NJ websites.

Business Tax Planning:
Employment of legitimate tax saving techniques, proper planning of tax payment cash flows, coordinated with business owners personal tax plan.'

Business Tax Returns:
All entity types including multi-state and multi-level. Our tax software is an Intuit product, the same Company that produces Quickbooks accounting, allowing seamless integrations between the programs.

Personal Tax Planning and Preparation:
Our tax software integrates with both Quicken and Quickbooks for integration efficiency.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning and Preparation:
Dramatic savings can be achieved through proper advance planning. We work with clients on a gifting program, and with executors in fulfilling their duties.

Business Financial Statements:
Projections, bank packages, compilations, review and audit services

Assistance to Non-Profit Associations:
The firm has been involved in the treasury function of several non-profit associations giving us valuable insight into proper operation of these organizations from both a financial and operational viewpoint.

Estate Administration Assistance:
We have provided assistance to executors and their attorneys in the detailed and complex issues of settling an estate, from valuation and disposition of assets, post-mortem planning, releases, income and estate taxes, etc.

General Tax Planning:
Our specialty for many years has been the development of a coordinated plan to reduce the combined tax burden of the small business and the small business owner, and provide detailed information to management on the amount and due dates of taxes to be paid. We often consult on use of retirement plans and other tax saving devices in the process.



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Technology Services

Quickbooks Professional Advisor
We install, train and handle tech support for your Quickbooks installation, and provide and efficient path to work with us on compliance services. We also assist with customization within Quickbooks itself or using third party software.

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